About Us

The Alberta Photon Camera Club (APCC) is home to many amateur and professional photographers of the greater Edmonton area in the province of Alberta. We also have members from across Canada and abroad. We share one common goal; that is the dissemination of the artistic and technical knowledge of photography. We also facilitate a physical environment and via the Internet where our members can discuss matter dear to our heart. Photography with its many disciplines is like a fine quilt with its many elements bound by threads of fine silk. In photography the thread is the love for the art and the appreciation of life, environment, culture and history.

Florence Yeung and The Alberta Photon Camera Club will be hosting an International Digital Exhibition (The Exhibition) to be held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on September 5, 2011. We cordially invite photographers all over the world to participate in this event. The Exhibition will enjoy the sanction of the top three photography associations in the world, The Photographic Society of America (PSA), The Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) and the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP).

The deadline for submission is August 22, 2011. For more information please visit www.apccphoto.com and Facebook please add Alberta Photon Camera.

The Exhibition will consist of only two sections:
Color Projected Image: Open Section, Digital only.
Nature: Open Section, Digital only.

The judges are:
Mr. Shiu Gun Wong, FPSA, Hon. FRPS (confirmed)
Mr. Andy Yau, FRPS (confirmed)
Mr. John Davis, APSA (confirmed)

Mr. John Davis will be the new President for Photographic Society of America after the
September 24th, 2011 conference in Colorado Springs!

Heartfelt thank you to all judges to fly out to Edmonton just for this wonderful event to leave
a great footprint in the pursuit of excellence in photography; more importantly to provide a
link and showcase of world class photos with photographers from around the globe in the
107 years history of Edmonton!

Florence Yeung
Exhibition Chairman

The Founding Members are:

Florence Yeung, Eric Yeung, Yip Lee, Con Boland, Andy Yau, Terry Lui

Advisory Committee:
Hon. Laurie Hawn, Hon. Thomas Lukaszuk, Mayor Stephen Mandel, Fred Greene, John Davis, Wade Clutton, Henry Ng, Willy A. Suys, Keith Vaughan, Andy Yau, Allen Bargen, Shiu Gun Wong, Patrick Siu, Wing Yiu Wong, Con Boland, Yip Wan Lee, Jop Tao Tse, James Yip, Clifford Chow, Julius Wong, Dick Wong, Richard Wong, Sorin Mihailovici, Eric Yeung, Anthony Hai, Sein Mah, Brewster Kwan, Ben Lui, Garry Soon, Hannah Aaron, Martin Tran, Minh Tran, Mau Ke Duong, Joe So, Stephen Kwan.

Organizing Committee: 

Exhibition Chair:           Florence Yeung

Emcee:                             Stacey Brotzel, news anchor, City TV

Computer Tech:               Avery Yeung

Media Relations:             Yip Lee, Con Boland

Facility Rental:                Hubert Hsu, Florence Yeung

Website Design:               David Nguyen, Chen Yuan Liu

Club Logo Design:          Yang Gao

Communication:              Avery Yeung

Design & Printing:          Yuet Lo & Rayacom Inc. ( Eric Cheng & Martin Tran )

On-site Photographer:     Con Boland, Stan Mah, Darcy Evans

General Affairs:               Eric Yeung, Karina Kwan

Public Relations:              Lynn Mandel, Debby Shoctor, Michael Lam, Sorin Mihailovici

Hon. Legal Advisor:        Brewster Kwan, Eric Lim

Sponsorships:                   Florence Yeung, Dick Wong, Yip Lee, Arti Koshal

Special thanks to all the photographers who shared their photos on the website:

Andy Yau, Florence Yeung, Yip Wan Lee, Julius Wong, Kwan Leung Cheung, Patrick Siu.

Post Production:

DVD Production       –           Rayacom Inc.

Slideshow                 –           Florence Yeung, Joey Chow, Avery Yeung